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Our commitment to ensuring a successful recruitment campaign is absolute, but more than that our aim is to transfer our expertise during the process, to ensure our next collaboration is even more effective.
Empowering hiring managers & HR departments with an analytical eye only an outsider can provide, we hope to be useful to your organisation for many years to come.
Of course what we can’t do on a website is what is most important to us – tailoring our recruitment expertise to your needs.
Naturally, the best way for us to find out more about each other is to simply give us a call on

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We look forward to hearing from you.

tailored recruitment expertise

We have been involved in recruitment from many perspectives. Rooted in best practice, this breadth of experience means that when we work on a recruitment solution with you we can do so holistically, in context, and in a collaborative, informed and inquiring way. The result is a process tailored to fit your organisation’s precise needs, with an eye to your employer brand and the market as a whole. Our search for the right individual remains central, with consultancy as a natural & necessary ingredient to ensure our tailoring is truly bespoke. 

Best Practice

As a consultancy we are members of REC and abide by their Codes of Practice. This also gives us access to a body of research & knowledge on which we can found our work.


We place great emphasis on our personal integrity. We also stay true to our process, applying due diligence at every stage. Finally, we value honesty in all our working relationships.


Successful partnerships should stand the test of time. Our collaborative working methods help us achieve a relationship based on trust, giving clarity to any project and providing a foundation for long-term success and mutual advocacy.


We believe an investment of time & information is essential to ensure an accurate & efficient hiring process.


Often the answer to a question lies in perspective. By adapting to the situations and challenges we encounter, we will create, modify or revise our work, in order to achieve the best outcome for all.


Our knowledge grows through everyone we work with and through our continued efforts to remain current and well-researched. We believe sharing our knowledge is advantageous to everyone involved.

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